AANRO contributors and owners

AANRO is jointly funded by the members of the Primary Industries and Natural Resource Management Standing Committees together with the Rural Research and Development Corporations.

These organisations are the major contributors of published information and current research project information to the AANRO knowledge base and are working together in a unique cooperative arrangement to make AANRO the national decision support system and single access point for knowledge on Australian research and extension information on agriculture and natural resource management.

Other agencies may join this consortium to build and strengthen AANRO’s scope and coverage.

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The AANRO knowledge base

AANRO is a knowledge base of bibliographic and research information designed as a national decision support system and single access point for knowledge on Australian agriculture and natural resource management (ANR).

The AANRO knowledge base contains about 200,000 detailed descriptions of research projects and publications on Australian agriculture and natural resources.

About 1,500 new research projects and 5,000 documents are added to the knowledge base each year. This core information is drawn from the primary industries, agriculture and natural resources government agencies across Australia.

AANRO also has a gateway to other key agriculture and natural resources websites. The AANRO Gateway augments information in the knowledge base by providing seamless access to the online information resources of other websites.



AANRO logo

The website and AANRO logo was designed to launch the new AANRO product in 2004. The aim was to design an image that is clean, crisp, confident, and understated but with an authoritative feel that appeals to a wide audience. The logo projects the concept of a trusted comprehensive, national information service about Australia’s natural resources – a knowledge base supported by government.

The three intersecting circles are a ‘thought bubble’ representing our land, rivers and trees in web safe colours echoed through the website design.

Click on the “show me” link to bring up a copy of the AANRO logo as a gif image. Please feel free to use the logo to link to the AANRO website.

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Background to development

AANRO was originally developed in 1996 as an integration of the three companion databases, ARRIP, ABOA and Streamline on the web.

The new AANRO is the next step in the integration and development of ARRIP, ABOA and Streamline into a knowledge base and a single access point for research and innovation on Australian agriculture and natural resource management.

The new AANRO:

– comprehensively indexes and abstracts more publications and research projects

– has links to electronic documents, shopfronts and other relevant websites

– uses web technology to act as a gateway to other key websites

– is designed to be a single, national point of access for knowledge on crucial ANR issues.

– is a public information service provided by State and Federal governments through the Standing Committees on Primary Industries and Natural Resource Management, in conjunction with the Rural Research and Development Corporations (RR&DCs).



Content policy

The Content Policy defines the selection criteria for including research, publications and websites on the AANRO knowledge base

Click on the “Show me” web link below to view the current list of titles indexed onto AANRO.

Contact: Pam Handyside pamela@infoscan.com.au

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Gateway websites

The AANRO Gateway automatically searches other key Australian agriculture and natural resources websites for a match on your search criteria.

This facility allows users to search other websites without leaving the comfort of the AANRO search interface. The gateway extends and unlocks the power of AANRO as a key national information retrieval system.

The information in the gateway is updated and maintained by spider technology similar to that used by Internet search engines. Our information gatherer (or spider) regularly reaches out to trusted websites and collects information including site content, fact sheets, publications as well as information about research programs and projects.

Stakeholders can participate by nominating their website as a source of key agriculture and natural resource management information.

Click on the “show me” link to view the list of websites currently included in the Gateway

Contact: Sharn Ogden sharn@infoscan.com.au

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Journals indexed

Click on the “Show me” web link below to view the current list of titles indexed onto AANRO.

Contact: Pam Handyside pamela@infoscan.com.au

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Links to full text and document delivery services

Content management of documents on AANRO has been designed on four levels:

1. Where ever possible, the detailed information display includes hyperlinks to electronic full text of documents indexed onto the AANRO knowledge base.

2. Alternatively a link to a website where further relevant information can be located is provided.

3. Sometimes a document is only available through a shopfront in hard copy format. An availability note with contact details is provided where possible.

4. Many other documents have a document delivery note designed to assist people to obtain copies. For example, most of the Australian journals are available through the National Library of Australia’s Copies Direct document delivery service.

More than 90% of recent publications have a link to full text, a website or document delivery service.

Your library can also assist you to obtain copies of documents.

Click on the link below to view a list of titles indexed onto AANRO and URLs and other document delivery information associated with each title.

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Operational management

Infoscan Pty Ltd is responsible for the development of the new AANRO product and its operational management.

Infoscan is a private company based near Canberra with a long-standing involvement in Australia’s information industry since 1983.

We designed and developed the original ANRO and we have managed this information service since its inception in 1996.

We are guided in the design and development of new AANRO by the AANRO Steering Committee who welcome your ideas.

Contact: Brenda Gerrie brenda@infoscan.com.au




The AANRO knowledge base contains about 200,000 bibliographic descriptions of publications and documents abstracted and indexed to international standard.

Click on the “show me” link below to view a publications record.

Each year 5,000 new additions are added to this knowledge base as a growing and enduring record of key information on crucial ANR issues.

AANRO owners can participate in its ongoing development by arranging to have their publications indexed onto the knowledge base.

Contact: Pamela Handyside pamela@infoscan.com.au

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The AANRO knowledge base contains over 20,000 detailed descriptions of current and completed research projects.

Each research description contains detailed information about the research objectives and participants including contact details.

Click on the “show me” link below to view a research project record.

Stakeholders can participate in the ongoing development of AANRO by arranging to have your organisation’s current research added to the knowledge base.

The flow of current research project information into the AANRO database is organised to suit the needs of the information providers.

– Some organisations submit projects from their own project management systems at regular intervals in an agreed format

– Researchers can submit and update details of individual projects online.

– Some organisations commission AANRO to conduct an ‘annual audit’ of the research they fund and the information flows from AANRO through to that organisations project management system.

We can also to tailor a web search page to access your own research information.

Contact: Pamela Handyside pamela@infoscan.com.au

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Web browser issues

The AANRO website has been designed for Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher and a preferred screen resolution of 1024 x 768. The website functions with most modern browsers and will still function at 640 x 480 with scroll bars.

Pages contain Java and JavaScript so make sure that both are enabled on your system.



Website design

The AANRO website is designed for stakeholders and their clients and aims to reflect user needs in a clean, crisp uncluttered approach.

The site is designed for the end user and casual searcher (basic search and geosearch) at the same time catering for the needs of the experienced searcher (advanced search) wishing to build more complex search strategies and analyse the results.

The search screens offer sophisticated search options with features characteristic of a premium search tool in away that makes the data structures of the AANRO knowledge base transparent and easy to use.