Background to development

AANRO was originally developed in 1996 as an integration of the three companion databases, ARRIP, ABOA and Streamline on the web.

The new AANRO is the next step in the integration and development of ARRIP, ABOA and Streamline into a knowledge base and a single access point for research and innovation on Australian agriculture and natural resource management.

The new AANRO:

– comprehensively indexes and abstracts more publications and research projects

– has links to electronic documents, shopfronts and other relevant websites

– uses web technology to act as a gateway to other key websites

– is designed to be a single, national point of access for knowledge on crucial ANR issues.

– is a public information service provided by State and Federal governments through the Standing Committees on Primary Industries and Natural Resource Management, in conjunction with the Rural Research and Development Corporations (RR&DCs).