Links to full text and document delivery services

Content management of documents on AANRO has been designed on four levels:

1. Where ever possible, the detailed information display includes hyperlinks to electronic full text of documents indexed onto the AANRO knowledge base.

2. Alternatively a link to a website where further relevant information can be located is provided.

3. Sometimes a document is only available through a shopfront in hard copy format. An availability note with contact details is provided where possible.

4. Many other documents have a document delivery note designed to assist people to obtain copies. For example, most of the Australian journals are available through the National Library of Australia’s Copies Direct document delivery service.

More than 90% of recent publications have a link to full text, a website or document delivery service.

Your library can also assist you to obtain copies of documents.

Click on the link below to view a list of titles indexed onto AANRO and URLs and other document delivery information associated with each title.

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