The AANRO knowledge base contains over 20,000 detailed descriptions of current and completed research projects.

Each research description contains detailed information about the research objectives and participants including contact details.

Click on the “show me” link below to view a research project record.

Stakeholders can participate in the ongoing development of AANRO by arranging to have your organisation’s current research added to the knowledge base.

The flow of current research project information into the AANRO database is organised to suit the needs of the information providers.

– Some organisations submit projects from their own project management systems at regular intervals in an agreed format

– Researchers can submit and update details of individual projects online.

– Some organisations commission AANRO to conduct an ‘annual audit’ of the research they fund and the information flows from AANRO through to that organisations project management system.

We can also to tailor a web search page to access your own research information.

Contact: Pamela Handyside pamela@infoscan.com.au

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