About the Search Pages

Advanced search

Advanced search is designed for experienced searchers who want to develop a more complex search strategy.

Simply enter a keyword or phrase into the first search box to automatically search across the full text of the AANRO knowledge base to retrieve all the information that matches your search strategy.

Add more search terms in the second search box to build a search strategy using the ‘pick lists’ and Boolean logic options.

Radio buttons allow you to choose which fields in the database to search.

The ‘search summary page’ provides a snapshot of the information retrieved from the AANRO knowledge base. Notice that the information displays are colour coded. Bibliographic records are in blue, research projects in orange and other web sites retrieved through the AANRO Gateway are in green. Click on the results set that interests you to go to the detail display.

The detail view shows each record with its links to full text, document delivery services and indexing information. You can search again on any subject keyword or author. These search again options make it easy to expand or narrow a search on a mouse click with the data structures of the AANRO knowledge base transparent to the user.

The detailed information displays are designed for the end user, they are not encoded and do not need to be interpreted by a search intermediary.

From here you can display the same information in the summary view, you can browse the list of titles and selectively mark the records you want to display in more detail.

You can also filter the retrieved set by date and choose an appropriate format to export the set to your own computer.

All the information displays assume that you want to see the latest information first, thus allowing you to browse as far back in time as is appropriate to your needs.

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