Gateway search results

Gateway search results

The first phase of the AANRO Gateway is now fully operational and information is being gathered from about 40 key websites.

The AANRO information gatherer is tuned to crawl websites to 2 levels for content including online documents (PDF, MS Word files etc) and fully keyword indexes these information resources onto the AANRO Gateway and the results are included every time your search AANRO.

The purpose of the AANRO Gateway to online resources and web sites (the green link on the search summary page) is to direct you to the key Australian agriculture and natural resources web sites that match your query.

The AANRO information gatherer also hones in on key web sites containing information on their research programs and projects and integrates these search results with the research set (orange) on the search summary page.

Fact sheets and other electronic documents found by the AANRO information gatherer are displayed as part of the publications (blue) set on the search summary page.

Contact: Brenda Gerrie

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