Contribute to AANRO

Index publications online- overview of procedures to add a new publication

Add a new publication by completing the new publication form following the AANRO indexing conventions outlined below. (Use tab to move between fields)

Use the SEND TO YOUR WORKSPACE button to save a copy of your work to your own work space. Each time you press SEND TO YOUR WORKSPACE a separate copy of that record is stored in your work space. This is a useful way of setting up skeleton records to index a publication in depth.

Use the SEND TO INFOSCAN button when you have finished indexing a record and you wish to send it through to the AANRO editor for inclusion in the knowledge base. Once records are sent, they are removed from your online work space and cannot be edited.

You can use the browser forward and back buttons to move between screens without losing information, but be careful when you use the refresh button within a data entry form – you may lose what you have typed!

Your password is remembered until you leave the online indexing area.


Index publications online- overview of procedures to continue working with publications

Use the search boxes to retrieve a set of records from your work space and continue working with them. Although you can retrieve information using the contents of any form field, you might find title keywords useful for retrieving one record and the batch field particularly useful for identifying a set of records. Use an asterisk (*) in the search box to retrieve ALL your work in progress.

Use the pull down list to change the display form for viewing and actioning work in progress.

– Title list: brings up a list of your work in progress that matches the search criteria from which you can select a publication to edit

– Batch edit: brings up a batch or records on an edit page and is useful for running a spell check using a web-based spelling checker like FedSpell. You can edit any field in any of the records in the batch and save the batch to your workspace. Avoid working with too many records in batch edit.

– Batch submit: lets you submit a batch of records to Infoscan in one operations. Avoid submitting too many records at once.

– The AANRO format shows how this record will display online and might be useful for proofing your work, including checking hyperlinks.

The record display by batch then title.

Make any changes to your work and use the buttons to:

SAVE TO YOUR WORKSPACE: this does not duplicate the record as is the case within the add new publication form

SEND TO INFOSCAN: this sends your finished work to the AANRO editor and removes the record from your work space (although the data still appears on the display form) and takes you back to the record display

DELETE the record permanently from your work space

DUPLICATE: makes a separate copy of this record and stores it in your workspace. This is another way of creating a skeleton record for indexing similar publications.

RESET clears the edit form of any changes made during this session

BACK takes you back one record in the set

NEXT takes you to the next record in the set

Some words of warning about working within a web browser:

– you can use the browser forward and back buttons to move between pages without losing information, but be careful when you use the refresh button within a data entry form – you may lose what you have typed!

– you can use the back button to go back to the record display, however, records sent to Infoscan or deleted remain on the display form until you refresh the display page (this re-runs the original query)



Individual research project descriptions can be submitted to AANRO by filling in a form online. Copy and paste information from word processing documents to save lengthy retyping. Do not use formatting, particularly bulleted lists and tables.

Research information submitted to AANRO online is validated before being added to the AANRO knowledge base and accessible online.

Contributing research organisation may submit a batch of projects as a file for processing onto AANRO. Please contact us to double check arrangements before submitting a batch for the first time.

Whether you are submitting an individual project or a batch, please provide as complete a description of each project as possible, but ensure that you do not supply information, which is confidential in nature and not for public access.

As a general rule, always provide more rather than less information including financial sponsors of the research and the project codes used by the major sponsors. This assists us to integrate your research project information into the AANRO knowledge base and to provide a single point of access to past and present research on particular subjects and produced by particular people and organisations as well as to group research by industry for ease of access.

The AANRO editor reserves the right to change/delete information as required.

Contact: Sharn Ogden