Contribute to AANRO

Reasons to participate in AANRO

It is important to contribute your information to AANRO even if you already publish all or part of it on your own website for a number of reasons. As a national ongoing information service AANRO:

– provides an enduring record of research both past and present and as such

– is a focal point and single point of access for rural research in Australia

– is specifically designed to encourage contact and networking between researchers and research users across the rural research spectrum

– guides researchers and funding agencies to knowledge gaps and research priorities by showing the big picture

– encourages researchers to build on past research by providing the historical perspective, and

– provides a permanent storage for details of your organisation’s publications, research and innovation

AANRO can also provide tailored access to your research to suit your needs.

We need your information to complete the picture, so please join us in this exciting development.

Researchers can submit descriptions of their by projects online and research organisations can submit batches of research information for processing on to AANRO.

Contact: Infoscan Pty Ltd

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