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Submit a new research project online- step-by-step guide

Each field in the form presents as a one line display on your browser and will open up to display its contents when you click on it.

– Title of the project: title of the approved project

– Start date: commencement date of the project in the format YearMonth eg 200206

– Finish date: estimated date for the project’s completion in the format YearMonth eg 200407

– Objective(s): brief statement of the project aims, objectives or goals (approx 200 words)

– Background: a brief description of the reason for the research

– Methodology: a brief description of work including the methods employed in the project (approx 200 words)

– Progress: a brief progress or termination report if the research project is already underway (approx 200 words)

– Implication(s): the relevance and expected outcomes to industry (approx 200 words)

– Keywords: additional keywords to describe the projects eg synonyms, abbreviations, alternate spellings that might be useful for retrieval. Click on the keywords link to view and select from the AANRO subject keywords dictionary

– Locality: please specify the locality if the research is about a place. Click on the locality link to view and select from the AANRO locality index to place names, catchments and agro-ecological regions

– Participants: provision for up to 4 researchers are provided on the form. Each researcher’s details to be completed in a separate window and added as a separate record to the AANRO knowledge base before submitting the project description

– Additional researchers: if necessary

– Collaborators: collaboration with organisations or persons other than those listed as a researcher

– Sponsors: All the organisations that are providing financial support for the project, including in-kind assistance

– Program: research program area of the major sponsor if known

– Subprogram: research subprogram of the major sponsor if known

– Sponsor’s project/pms code: identification number for the project as provided by the major funding organisation

– Your name: the person completing the form and not for publication

– Your email: to contact you if we need to and not for publication

– Comments: not for publication