Custom-built Products and Special Data Collections


The AANRO knowledge base has been designed to accommodate a wide a range of custom-built products to suit the individual needs of stakeholders.

A number of agencies including Land & Water Australia, Dairy Australia and Meat & Livestock Australia have capitalised on their investment in AANRO by using the underpinning information in AANRO to develop additional information products specifically tailored to their needs.

AANRO can provide a cost effective vehicle for developing and publishing an information product on the web for stakeholders because:

– we have the expertise to manage and publish databases large and small

– we use a set of proven and flexible tools to develop flexible and easy to use information systems online

– you have direct access to your own information with the capability to retrieve, display, add, update, and delete information interactively online

– the information you have already contributed to AANRO has been edited and indexed to international standards and will be used as a starting point for development of a new product

– the AANRO data model is flexible and adaptable so that more information can be added to suit the needs of your organisation and your clients

Contact: Brenda Gerrie

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Land and Water Australia Research Portfolio

Land & Water Australia (L&WA) have developed a portfolio of their past and present research and development for the productive and sustainable management of our land, water and vegetation resources.

The L&WA Research Portfolio is produced using the existing AANRO database operational management procedures and website infrastructures to:

1. Add currently funded projects onto the AANRO knowledge base

2. Index final research reports onto the AANRO knowledge base

3. Overlay this data with information about L&WA research arenas, programs and sub-programs

4. Integrate other L&WA research and spin-off publications into the custom-built L&WA Research Portfolio

Contact: Brenda Gerrie


Meat and Livestock Australia Live Export R&D Database

Meat & Livestock Australia tapped into the AANRO knowledge base to cost-effectively built a comprehensive R&D database and website on live exports.

Development of the Live Exports database involved the following steps:

1. Establish the scope of the Live Exports Database

2. Analyse existing information on the AANRO knowledge base to identify knowledge gaps, key information sources and an on-going selection policy

3. Adapt the ongoing AANRO selection process to ensure that the live exports component is constantly updated and maintained..

Contact: Brenda Gerrie

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Primary Industries Standing Committee Publications

The Primary Industries Ministerial Council (PIMC) represents various Australian State and Commonwealth government agencies with the objective to: “develop and promote sustainable, innovative, and profitable agriculture, fisheries / aquaculture, food and forestry industries”.

Through the Primary Industries Standing Committee (PISC), a series of technical reports, codes of practice and standards have been commissioned to meet this objective. These publications are indexed on AANRO.

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