How are AANRO and RMIT’s Informit search service different?

Both services are based upon the AANRO research and publications databases, but offer different functionality and cater to different audiences.

The AANRO website is the definitive product where the AANRO knowledge base is continuously updated online with new research and publications as well as information from key websites. AANRO is designed for stakeholders and casual users.

The ANR compendium available through Informit Search is a commercial product designed for librarians and information services and is updated bi-monthly with research and publications data from AANRO.

In summary the two products are designed for a different audience, they offer different functionality and are updated on a different schedule. The AANRO gateway and a range of custom-built products and query interfaces are exclusive to the AANRO website. Whereas, Informit Search offers the convenience of a smorgasbord of databases through one supplier and the convenience of only having to learn one search interface to access all of them.