What is the AANRO gateway for?

AANRO aims to be a national decision support system and single access point for knowledge on Australian agriculture and natural resource management (ANR).

The AANRO central knowledge base is a growing and permanent historical record of Australian information on ANR. This central store contains descriptions of major research, abstracts and executive summaries of published and refereed documents. Even so, there is a wealth of information of a more transient nature being published on governmentl websites across Australia. This information is not indexed on AANRO.

The role of the AANRO Gateway is to allow users to search other websites without leaving the comfort of the AANRO search interface. The gateway extends and unlocks the power of AANRO as a key national information retrieval system by providing access to electronic full text of fact sheets and other publications as well as research programs and projects .

The information in the gateway is automatically updated and maintained by spider technology similar to that used by Internet search engines. Our information gatherer (or spider) regularly reaches out to trusted ANR web sites and collects information including site content and publications. The AANRO Gateway is in a sense a mini ‘google’ with an ANR focus where websites are spidered for new content every week.

Click on the “show me” link to see the list of websites currently being spidered by the AANRO Gateway.

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