Participate in AANRO

The AANRO contributors

About 1,500 new research projects and 5,000 new publications are added to the knowledge base each year. This core information is drawn from the owners of AANRO – rural research & development corporations as well as primary industries, agriculture and natural resources government agencies across Australia.

The key contributors are AANRO owners who choose to directly and indirectly ‘publish’ their research project information and research results and other publications through the AANRO database by arrangement.

At the moment information from AANRO contributors is gathered and indexed onto the AANRO knowledge base in four ways:

1. Current research projects are either downloaded to AANRO in batches at regular intervals by research funding organisations

2. Researchers self-submit individual research project descriptions either online or via email

3. Publications produced by AANRO owners are indexed onto the knowledge base by arrangement

4. Spin-off publications are picked up through the ongoing AANRO indexing program

The information from these different sources is integrated into the AANRO knowledge base in such a way that AANRO owners are acknowledged as:

– the data source and financial supporter of current research projects

– a financial sponsor of the spin-off publications, technical reports, journal articles and so on emanating from the research

– a publisher or organisation affiliated with an author

This means that AANRO is a growing information resource and single point of public access to an organisation’s past and present research and development knowledge.

Please talk to us about:

– adding your organisation to the list

– improving AANRO’s coverage of your organisation’s research and development knowledge

– becoming a key contributor to AANRO

Contact: Pam Handyside