AANRO is a knowledge base for agriculture and natural resources. It contains descriptions of research projects and publications and a gateway to other relevant online resources and websites. This website is designed for friendly and intuitive access to the knowledge base.

The site is under continuous development. New pages will be added to the site map as they come online.

Advanced search

A search builder for developing search strategies and more complex searches

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Basic search

Designed for simple keyword searching across the AANRO knowledge base

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Browse by organisation

A single point of public access to AANRO contributors past and present research and development

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Contribute online

Use this web area to submit new research projects for inclusion on AANRO.

Authorised users can also index publications online.

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Custom-built products

View information products tailored to the needs of individual AANRO contributors

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Search for all the information about a place, river system or agro-ecological region on a mouse click

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A work in progress providing help on how to search and get the best from the AANRO knowledge base and website as well as who to contact.

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News and events

Latest news on AANRO products, its services and continuing development

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